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EssentialPIM Pro Portable 5.57 Torrent Download

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Version: 5.57
Category: Portable Software|Office|Calendar/Organizers
Developer: EPim Ltd
Size: 12 Mb

What is new: Improved: EssentialPIM main window handling on systems with two or more monitors Improved: Handling of recurring to dos Improved: Compatibility with some rare SMTP mail servers Improved: Handling of email attachments Fixed: EPIM still running in the background after existing the program in some cases Fixed: Google sync not always working upon exiting EssentialPIM Fixed: Some Android sync related issues Fixed: Birthday reminders being shown with incorrect dates Fixed: Removal of contact groups under regular users in EPIM Network Fixed: Reminder custom sounds for appointments and to dos not always working Fixed: Other small issues since last update

Features: Multi-users access to database Storing and/or linking attachments Assigned people for To Do Advanced Backup Editable categories of tasks or events Hierarchical To Do lists Contact Groups Color Printing Sending any item to email Synchronization with Windows Mobile or Palm devices Outlook synchronization Google synchronization Custom views Mass mail

Requires: 32 MB RAM

EssentialPIM Pro Portable torrentEssentialPIM Pro Portable
Torrent Size: 12 mb
Files: 2


EssentialPIM Pro Portable is intuitiveapplicationwhich allows users to manage their own notes, appointments, to-do lists, password entries and contacts. In addition, the program offers portability, speed, intuitive interface and the ability to synchronize all your information with Outlook and practically any online service available (Google, Yahoo, etc.). Works directly from the USB flash drive. Pro version significantly distinguishes from EssentialPIM Free, taking functionality on a completely different level. Exercises - Exactly what you want in a scheduler. Versatile, drag and drop, and adjust the color coding. EPIM offers a new level of immediate information on the day, week and month. Do - not just a static list of tasks! You could practically run a company using this tool alone! Assign tasks to different people with different maturities and customizable reminders (any sound or voiced phrase, displayed messages, etc.), search by date, subject or word, sort, print, all with a few clicks of the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Notes - Very easy to use, very fast, yet powerful outliner that you can organize, that makes sense to you: tree, flat, table or whatever complex combination you like. Contact us - much more than the ability to deal with the book, but additional fields (usually white) occupy the space of the screen! In fact, the contact management system with: search, sort, custom data fields, print and contact can be made with any task to do and / or follow!

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