Monday, March 24, 2014

Advanced ID Creator Premier 9.5.245

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Version: 9.5.245
Category: Authoring tools|Business Cards
Developer: Xpress Software Inc
Size: 12 Mb

What is new: ID Card Design and Print; Free ID Card Templates; Barcode; Network version; Central database.



Advanced ID Creator Premier torrentAdvanced ID Creator Premier
Torrent Size: 12 mb
Files: 2


Advanced ID Creator is a useful program with the professional identification cards to be able to print design for their employees. With this program you can create your own style of cards in literally minutes. ! It's really easy to Advanced ID Creator Will allowyou: Create a great looking id card - Use a variety of tools to add text, graphics, shapes, barcodes, shadows and other effects to your design. Change the color and style of any object for an endless array possibilities.Supports all card sizes - Select an existing layout or add your own ID card for each paper, the one you want to print. Use standard stock or define own.Get make it fast! - Use the previously saved template to get started in seconds. Once your basic design is created tweak it as needed or print it just the way it is.Create ID cards for your entire organization - Use the built-store personnel database on information fo for each person in the organization r the fast creation of map on template design step. Each deposit persons personal data, and create cards for each person in seconds by designing a template in wizard.Create your own cards and badges in minutes!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

MobiMB Mobile Media Browser 3.6 Torrent Download

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Version: 3.6
Category: Mobile Phone Tools|Nokia
Developer: LogoManager
Size: 14 Mb

What is new:

Features: Browse your phone's folders using a simple explorer-style user interface Drag & drop ringtones and graphics into the phone to use as a ringtone/logo Manage your photos, music and other media files Drag & drop Java MIDlets into the Games and Applications folders on your phone Uploads files without affecting their original quality Select colour wallpaper, operator logo, startup logos from your PC Preview images and audio files on your PC (requires media player) Save your existing files to your PC

Requires: Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher 32MB

MobiMB Mobile Media Browser torrentMobiMB Mobile Media Browser
Torrent Size: 14 mb
Files: 2


Take advantage of the latest color Nokia phones! Many of Nokia's modern handsets contain a full file manager (gallery), which allows you to store photos, ringtones, music and other files supported by your phone. MobiMB is the first software product that allows full access to these features in your phone, and it also includes a range of special features for specific handsets, including the ability from your PC to set operator logos, startup and shutdown logos and more (handset-dependent). Browse your gallery and drag and drop images, MIDI files, photos, music and Java MIDlets to and from your phone from your hard disk! Right-click to set a logo. The files can be ringtones, full color wallpapers, transparent color operator logos, startup logos or games and applications and other file types supported by your phone. MobiMB installed on your Microsoft Windows PC, and connects directly to your phone using a standard cable or infrared port (available separately). Most new Nokia phones contain Nokia's new polyphonic ringtone technology, and now you can upload your own polyphonic tones from your PC! To download a ringtone, select a MIDI file on your hard drive, dropping into the ringtones folder in the gallery, and the file is available for use as ringtones. MIDI files can be created and edited with a standard MIDI sequencer package (ready ringtones not included, but many are available for free on various websites). Phones that can support user ringtones in MP3 and other formats will also benefit from this manager files quickly and easily. A number of common color graphics formats supported by the phone, including JPEG and GIF. Edit pictures using your favorite graphics editor, or use ready-made, cut to size and dropped the phone! Storing your photos on your computer simply by dragging and dropping them into Windows Explorer. A Java MIDlets designed for use with your phone will be added to the Games and Applications folders.

Forum Proxy Leecher 1.11 Build 0220 Torrent Download

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Version: 1.11 Build 0220
Category: Internet|Servers|Proxy Servers
Developer: My-Proxy
Size: 810 Mb

What is new: Support more proxy sites and improve the proxy testing functions

Features: Quickly get fresh proxies when you need Support different types of forums Support scanning attachments Support non-forum proxy sites FPL team maintains the leech list for you Powerful proxy tester especially for huge list Nice user interface and easy to use

Requires: Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher

Forum Proxy Leecher torrentForum Proxy Leecher
Torrent Size: 810 mb
Files: 3


Forum Proxy leecher (FPL) is an intelligent proxy leecher that can extract members from different areas and forums agent even if the agent is a partner attachment. FPL proxy tester module (Bleach) is specially designed for huge list. Looking for partners and only a large file quickly classify into 3 levels according to their names. Moreover, it's nice that FPL team maintain the leech list and proxy list judge you. FPL ensures that work easy and its fun for you to find partners. We all know that the proxy forums are the best places to get cute proxies.But often too long (more than 50 minutes for 10 forums) to read the new topics and download attachments. Forum Proxy leecher is your dirty little helper when it comes to extracting ofall partners toautomatic clean and tested. It's fast, stable and easy to refer use.Please our leech list statistics to know more: If you often need a large amount of new partners, you may need it. If you buy allies from other people, you should try FPL, and perhaps you will finally have a proxy list seller. Case of success? Force Forum proxy leecher My-Proxy ( agent fresh daily list? In My-Proxy Forum (, many FPL users share their lists of proxy classified with other daily

Saturday, March 22, 2014

AVD Video Processor 8.2.1

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Version: 8.2.1
Category: Multimedia|Video|Video Editors
Developer: AVLAN Design
Size: 13 Mb

What is new: Capture tools have been added

Features: batch capture: automatically capture a series of frames. auto-save: one-click capture, enhance and save a frame to a sequentially named image file. You can process the captured frames and execute effects: Cropping Resample, scale to a specific size Rotate through any angle Horizontal and vertical mirror Automatic histogram equalization Colors inverting RGB Red Green Blue HSV Hue Saturation Value HSL Hue Saturation Luminosity Fast action can create animated GIF images, animated buttons and banners for your Web site's design and promotion.

Requires: Pentium 4 1GHz 256 MB RAM

AVD Video Processor torrentAVD Video Processor
Torrent Size: 13 mb
Files: 2


AVD Video Processor is an easy to learn and use tool for capturing snapshots from video files and creating professional-looking GIF animations. So, whether you crave for a photo of your favorite actor or want to brighten your website or multimedia project with animated GIF files or banners, AVD Video Processor is the way to go. AVD Video Processor is an application createdto work with almost all popular video and graphic pattern is now available, including AVI, MPEG, MPG, DivX as well as FAX, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PCX, PDF, PS, BMP, DIB, RLE, TGA, PBM, PGM and PPM, PDF, PostScript (PS, EPS), Adobe Photoshop PSD. This allows you to process video without the need to convert it into a suitable format in external applications. The program features the VCR-like video navigation controls to let you quickly review a video file in one direction, directly or indirectly, with the framework necessary jump, take a picture and save the output file to the hard drive. For creating animated GIF files there? S nothing better that the built-in editor. It offers many ways to create stylistic designs. You can customize a large variety of settings for your animation, including screen size, natural color, delay time, offset and more. For all its technical sophistication, AVD Video Processor is extremely easy in use and requires less time for learning. animation can be created in three easy steps. First, you open the AVI file in AVD Video Processor and capture the required frames or a series of frames. Second, go to the GIF manager and load the captured frames into it. Finally, you specify the required GIF settings such as size, duration, and click the Save GIF button. Your GIF animation is ready.

AnyDVD HD / Beta Torrent Download

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Version: / Beta
Category: CD/DVD Tools|CD/DVD Rip/Other Tools
Developer: SlySoft Inc
Size: 13 Mb

What is new: New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs Some minor fixes and improvements Updated languages

Features: Works automatically in the background Removes encryption (CSS) and region code (RPC) from DVDs Removes analogue copy protection (Macrovision) Removes features such as forced subtitles and warnings Decrypts without the need to save the data onto your hard-disk Decrypts 'on the fly' Prevents automatic launching of 'PC-friendly' software on video DVDs Allows adjustment of your monitor refresh rate for both NTSC and PAL monitors Allows execution of external programs on disc insertion and removal Allows speed control of your DVD drives Compatible with all DVD media Works with all DVD-drives, regardless of region code Works with all DVD copying, such as CloneDVD, and all DVD player software Works transparently for the operating system: DVDs can be shared over the network and copied with the command prompt or with Windows Explorer, etc. Proven to be stable and fast and does not require an ASPI driver Features AnyCDDA: play, copy and rip protected audio CDs Removes encryption (AACS) from HD-DVDs watch movies over digital display connection, without HDCP compliant graphics card and HDCP compliant display. playback of discs on the PC with PowerDVD Ultra, which otherwise do not run. Removes user prohibitions, you can select the language and subtitle track without going through the disc's menu. Removes parental restrictions. Allows you to remove or skip Studio Logos and warning messages. With "magic file replacement" you can remaster any commercial movie disc using simple XML scripts. The "must have" utility for the serious home theater enthusiast using a media center / home theater PC. Includes a UDF 2.5 file ripper, no need to install 3rd party UDF 2.5 filesystem under Windows XP.

Requires: IBM-compatible PC with a minimum 2 GHz Pentium-class microprocessor and 512 MB RAM 2 MB hard-disk space AnyDVD HD required Windows 98 as the minimum OS for standard DVDs. For HD decryption / ripping the minimum OS is Windows 2000 (latest SP). PC Player software usually requires Windows XP SP2 as the minumum OS

AnyDVD HD torrentAnyDVD HD
Torrent Size: 13 mb
Files: 2


AnyDVD HD application will come with the same features, AnyDVD, but with additional features for full HD-DVD (High Definition DVD) support, including decryption drives HD-DVD movies. Movies allows you to connect to a digital display, without HDCP compliant graphics card and display HDCP. No need for an expensive monitor for sale. Sweet! Playback of discs on the PC with PowerDVD Ultra, which otherwise do not run (titles released studio Canal, The Weinstein Company, Kinowelt, Optimum Releasing). AnyDVD HD is a must have utility for the serious home theater enthusiast using a Media Center / home theater PC. Another remarkable feature of AnyDVD HD magic file replacement. Rebuild the original disc using simple XML scripts. These scripts will magically replace the files on the physical disk. You can customize discs as you like without even a copy of your hard disk! AnyDVD comes with a UDF 2.5 file ripper, no need for 3rd party UDF 2.5 filesystem under Windows XP will not install.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Allok Video to FLV Converter 6.2.0603 [by U-571-1] Torrent Download

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Version: 6.2.0603
Category: Multimedia|Video|Encoders/Converter/DIVX Related
Developer: Allok Soft Inc
Size: 13 Mb

What is new:

Features: Video source supports DivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, FLV, 3GP, ASF, RM, RMVB, MOV, ASX, MKV, OGM, SVCD, VCD, VOB any video format play-able. All video to FLV format. All video to SWF format. Convert movie files into Macromedia Flash. Inside FLV encoder. Batch files conversion. High-speed encoder ensures smooth conversion of video and audio data. Direct any video files to Flash Video with high quality. Customize the resulting file quality. Adjust framerate and bitrates in resulting Flash movie. Movie scene spot edit-able. Support various subtitle file . Keep the original aspect ratio or resize movie to fit resolution. Automatically create HTML file with embedded Flash movie file. Support Drag and Drop. Preview source clips Shutdown computer automatically when job is done. Simple GUI and very EASY to use.

Requires: DirectX 8.1 Runtime or higher Pentium 300 MHz or better 128M or more RAM

Allok Video to FLV Converter torrentAllok Video to FLV Converter
Torrent Size: 13 mb
Files: 2


Allok Video to FLV Converter is a powerful Flash Video Encoder to convert any video into SWF video and FLV streaming video formats. Allok Video to FLV Converter converts almost? All video formats, egDivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, FLV, 3GP, ASF, RM, RMVB, MOV, ASX, MKV, OGM, SVCD, VCD, VOB Video Flash (SWF, FLV) format. Video to FLV Converter produces flash reels ready for the Web publishing and streaming. Can? Can create flash reels from its own video quality, frame rate, size, duration and quality. Allok Video to FLV Converter and Video to Flash Converter, ideal solutions? Membership that will allow you? Her quickly prepare video for web-casting.

Zemana AntiLogger Torrent Download

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Category: Security|Keylogger / Monitoring
Developer: Zemana Ltd
Size: 14 Mb

What is new: This version introduces new version of KeyCrypt SDK ( which brings several improvements and new functionality for Windows 8 64-bit systems Fixed an issue related to Desktop Window Manager (DWM) composition which prevented IG to work properly on 64-bit systems Improved SSL protection to prevent latest injection trick by Capper banker Trojan Fixed SSL connection issues with Dropbox Brazilian Portuguese language file updated Various other improvements and fixes

Features: Anti-SSL Logger Module that provides protection against SSL Logger Anti-WebCam Logger that provides protection against WebCam Logger Anti-Key Logger Module that provides protection against Key Logger Anti-Screen Logger that provides protection against Screen Logger Anti-Clipboard Logger that provides protection against ClipBoard Logger System Defence Module that protects your system

Requires: Minimum 50 MB Hard Disk Space Minimum 128 MB Ram Minimum Intel Pentium 300 MHz Processor (or equivalent)

Zemana AntiLogger torrentZemana AntiLogger
Torrent Size: 14 mb
Files: 2


Anti-Logger, developed to deal with different kinds of malware threats, your banking passwords, private emails and chat conversations from spying proactively without a signature-based algorithm and powerful anti-motion techniques. Malware that intend to carry out information theft Anti-Logger prevents all known forms. Anti-Logger is not detected by anti-virus programs, and ultimately determine whether an active and unique way to detect, as used in a variety of threats to the security of your data. Potentially harmful applications Modules: Anti-SSL Logger, Anti-WebCam Logger and Anti-Clipboard Logger is the first security solutions developed in the world. In addition, these modules have the best properties in comparison with other similar applications, and there will understand. Anti-keylogger module apps, even the world's most popular security software, provides strong protection against keyloggers which have not been picked up by.