Friday, February 28, 2014

WebCamSplitter Pro 1.5.226 Torrent Download

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Version: 1.5.226
Category: Internet|WebCam
Developer: VerySoft LLC
Size: 12 Mb

What is new: Mirror flip option with input video Snapshot non-stop mode works limited with number of images (Options) Virtual camera output resolution list modification (864x480 is added, defaults are changed) Tray icon reset with explorer restart Input video aspect ratio detection

Features: Possibility to split 4 capture devices simultaneously Possibility to control WebCamSplitter instance from other application (via command line) Source audio stream usage as output (local media file, DV microphone) Almost any video capture device can be used as video source Media file as a capture source Display screen content as a video capture source Customization of input/output video stream resolutions Digital Zoom/Pan control Source video stream color correction Source video text overlay Changeable output stream frame rate Setup for video stream processing quality

Requires: Processor: Intel Pentium III or AMD analogue Random access memory (RAM) volume: 256 Mb DirectX 8.0 or higher runtime RGB24 or IYUV color model support Optional: Webcam

WebCamSplitter Pro torrentWebCamSplitter Pro
Torrent Size: 12 mb
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WebCamSplitter Pro makes it easy to transfer your multimedia content (audio / video) to 3 client-side applications using virtual devices. This method of delivery work with alternating current (IM, editors, browsers, flash video and other clients). Virtual devices can be used in many applications such as client simultaneously.Typical: you have to give videoconference with friends or two at a time. If videoconference software does not support multiple conferences, you will need to run two instances of the same program. Unfortunately, in this case, it may get into trouble because one application will translate video, and the other does not. What is the solution? Its simple - just use WebCamSplitter Pro. It is also possible to use a media file instead of video capture device Andone copies up to 4 cameras simultaneously.

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